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Ignite Your Brand made us think deeply about who we really were, what we stood for and what we wanted others to think about us. Their process helped us to create a striking brand identity that was eagerly adopted across the whole organisation.

Bob Keiller, Former CEO, Wood Group

20 years of exceptional work


Branding for Shanghai's quirkiest food retalier

Company growth since brand launch is up


Landbase was launched to provide a better food experience for the fast expanding upper middle classes of China.

Working with Yu Zhou and his team to create a brand strategy, we developed an eye-catching, quirky identity that was echoed in the unique retail interiors aimed at the young emerging professional market.


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“The new brand is so unique and beyond my expectations”

Yu Zhou, CEO Landbase Co. Ltd

Kitchens International

Branding and digital communications for Scotland's premier kitchen supplier

In the first two months since Ignite's engagement, turnover has increased by 25% resulting in an uplift of

£3m in sales

Ignite have been working as partners with Kitchens International for over 10 years; helping them position themselves as Scotland’s finest kitchen supplier.

In 2017, we launched an elegant new website to faithfully communicate the quality of Kitchens International's products and highlight the attention to detail of their service.

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“They’ve played a big part in our company’s development”

Paul O’Brien, Director Kitchens International

Exo Travel

New identity for Asian travel pioneer

Web traffic after rebrand up by


As a trailblazer of far Eastern tourism, Exotissomo had a strong reputation in the buiness to business market.

To target consumers directly, a repositioning of the busines was required. A bold new identity was carried across all promotional material and a new responsive website.

To find how we undertook the brand repositioning for EXO, speak to George

“What we now have is a very flexible new brand identity that everyone here feels very positive about”

Mark McCardie, Group Marketing Manager, EXO Travel

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We put strategy at the heart of everything we do; inspring brands to grow, building relationships that matter and creating ideas with impact.

George McRae

Strategy Director


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Creative Director


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Technical Director


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